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Off Page Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation can be loosely split into three different categories - On Page Optimisation, Off Page Optimisation and also Social Media Optimisation. These terms can be very misunderstood and applied to all kinds of things which they are only loosely connected to. This is largely due to the fact that it can be very difficult to immediately measure any real results, or realise a quick return on investment.

Simply put Search Engine Optimisation is the collective name for a list of actions and enhancements that can be applied to a website in order to help it to be found and listed more favourably by Search Engines e.g. Google , Yahoo or MSN.
Most people understand or have a little knowledge of On Page Optimisation, however fewer people understand Off Page Optimisation. This makes them an easy target for unscrupulous companies wanting to extract money from unsuspecting customers without doing very much work. This is because Off Page SEO Marketing is much more difficult to quantify and measure your return on investment.

However, there are substantial benefits from using an Off Page Optimisation strategy in your website marketing plans. This is largely due to the fact that many companies and organisations undertake little or no Off Page Optimisation, other than a Twitter or Facebook account that may not be updated very frequently.


What is involved in 'Off Page Optimisation' ?

Off Page Optimisation can be quite a slow process and can also be very involved. In simple terms it is the process of building up articles, information, links and comments that increase the amount of content online that is linked or related to your company, organisation or brand.

These articles, sound-bites of information and comments should be 'on message'. There could be little point in building up articles about modelling and art or photography if your business's primary function was 'Estate Agency Services'.

These articles form part of a specific strategy to help you demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and understanding in the arena in which your company provides its products or services to your customers.


Must you do this for me, or can I do it ?

You can prepare articles, sound-bites of information about your company or organisation. Take care as these need to be written carefully and thoughtfully as they need to be able to be read on a 'stand alone basis'. This means that the person reading them may not have visited your website, they may also know little or nothing about your company, products or services.

You also need to understand where to place these articles, sound-bites and links online. Poor positioning can result in little improvement in your position on the Search Engines and ultimately a minimal or negligible increase in contact or sales leads.


We can help by building you an Off Page strategy for your online business as part of your overall Search Engine Optimisation plan. We feel it could be less effective to be heavily envolved in an Off Page Strategy when your website may also need some enhancement. Talk to us today and allow us to take a look at your website and suggest the improvemnets we would recommend to form an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

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Off page SEO

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