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Web Technologies

Understanding how web design tools work, or having a basic knowledge of HTML is merely scratching the surface of 21st Century web technologies.
As with anything IT related, web technologies march ever forward at an astounding pace.
Here is a guide of the most common technologies used to create our websites. It has been written using simple language that where possible is free from jargon. However where jargon must be used, a plain English meaning is also provided.

HTML - this is the basic building block of any website. Even the most fancy interactive 'Flash websites' (a technology that is developed by Adobe) have a basic wrapper that is HTML based. HTML is quite an old technology and was not originally intended to be used to create the websites that we are familiar with today ! We are currently seeing the arrival of HTML 5 which will allow some exciting new developments into the average website browser. (a browser is a program like Internet Explorer that you use to view a website with).

Javascript and jQuery - these technologies are very important as they allow us to provide your website with some great features like the moving slideshow. There are so many different features that can be designed using javascript, most of which add fun features or necessary functionality to your website.

php - To allow your website to process data we need to interact with the big computer or web server that your website is stored on. To do this we use a language called php. This allows us to store and retrieve data, process that data and produce a result. The result can vary from displaying a web page, redirecting your website to a new page or sending an email.

MySQL - this is the name of the database we use. It works very well with php and provides a powerful way to store and recall the data that is vital to your website.

The above 4 are the main technologies we use. Along side those are many others such as CSS, which provides the method by which we enable your drawn design to become a fully fledged web page. When required we also use Abode Flash in our designs. However we limit the use of flash as it is still not very compatible with modern mobile phone browsers.

If you have any questions about the technologies we'll use to develop your web solutions please ask - we'll be delighted to answer any questions you may have.



Web Technologies

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