Content management systems

If you own or manage your website or blog, you will know how time consuming it can be to constantly update your website. Most people understand that the information contained in the pages of your website need to be kept up to date. We have already mentioned that keeping your website updated with the latest news relating to your organisation's products and services is very important.

Advantage of a Content Management System

You may have spoken with or know people who use a Content Management System (CMS) and be wondering exactly what the advantages are? Simply put our CMS allows you to edit, update, create, delete and hide the pages of your website. This level of control place you firmly in the driving seat and reduces your need for external assistance, helping to lower your day-to-day overheads.

It can be important to be able to be reactive and add new promotions to your website, edit and update information, prices or specifications contained within the pages of your site.

The CMS allows you to create new areas to strengthen your web presence and build on your profile as an expert in your chosen arena of business. This can be particularly useful for your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Equally being able to delete or hide pages that may contain discontinued products or seasonal items.
.e.g Christmas decorations, could save many admin hours, when you need to once again launch your Christmas product range for the festive season.

Update from anywhere - even the middle of a field!

This really is the case and is not an outlandish claim. Provided you have a mobile broadband connection on a suitable web enabled device you can use it to update your website from anywhere. Whilst it is possible to do on a 'smart phone', due to screen size, we always recommend that you use a laptop or desk bound PC or Mac.

This flexibility allows you to administer your website from your main office, home office or country residence! You can even use personnel that may rarely visit your office such as a new mother that was a valued employee and now wishes to alter her duties due to her change in home life.

Easy to use

Many people have seen some badly produced Content Management Systems or some over complicated Content Management Systems and can be concerned about ease of use. Our system is very easy to use and is being used by lots of "non IT based personnel". If you can type and send an email and use a text editor such as Microsoft Word, you can use our CMS.

When we interlink it with your website, we offer a free 'walk though' not to train you but simply to guide you to understand the relationship between the pages of the CMS and your website.

Off to a good start

As part of the installation package, we provide you with a 'walk through' the website and Content Management System.

This is simply to help you to understand the relationship between the pages of the CMS and your website. Once you have understood this 'easy to grasp' relationship, we're sure you'll find the Content Management System very intuative to use.

There is much more we can tell you regarding our maintenance options, which we would be delighted to tell you more about in person. A short conversation can usually establish the best options to maintain your website or blog.