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Web design and Internet services

The first thing to say is that OUR SERVICE IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR REQUIREMENTS, frankly nothing else matters. Our sole aim is to provide the Website or Internet Services that YOU require, Right-Now at the Right-Price.

This is how it works...... let's assume that you are reading this page because YOU have recognised a need or requirement for change in YOUR online services in some way.

Having just read this text and clicked through a page or two on our website, YOU decide there's nothing to lose so YOU jot down our phone number (on the right).
You then contact us.   The first thing we do is talk with YOU so that WE CAN FULLY UNDERSTAND YOUR REQUIREMENTS.
Don't worry it's not a sales pitch in disguise. We hate the idea of a full-on-sales-pitch as much as you do (our Clients will vouch that's not how we operate, no elevator pitches here !!!).

During our consultation, we can also offer FREE TIPS AND ADVICE, as you consider appropriate and necessary to advance your business aims and objectives.
This consultation is totally free-of-charge and there is never any pressure or expectation that an agreement of any kind will be made during this meeting.


Our Service really is all about you - nothing else matters more to us than your complete satisfaction - check the comments from our Clients in the red panel on the right as you
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Glad to see you've scrolled down!! I think it's time for a proper welcome to Webs for Everyone. We are a web design and development company based in Aylesbury, Bucks. As competent Aylesbury web designers, our aim is to offer a bespoke website service that is stylish yet affordable. We are committed to helping any one person, group of people, charity, club, organisation or business to become an 'on line' entity.

We have worked with many different Clients from a diverse range of businesses and charities or other non profit making organisations to create, upgrade and maintain their websites. With current trends leading to more and more people using the internet in business and leisure time, there has never been a greater need to be on line.

We provide a range of Internet Services to enhance and work alongside your website. We are sure that you'll find them a useful asset to your business. All of them are designed to assist you in communicating effectively with your customers and reaching beyond your existing customers to build new relationship with prospective customers. Even if you are not a business, your organisation will have people that can be identified as customers as they benefit from your information or services whatever they may be.

  • Bespoke website design - Our aim is to offer a bespoke, individual web service that is stylish yet affordable. We know that each of our clients will have different requirements, therefore we do not work from a bank of templates that we simply 'roll out' into a website to try and meet your needs. We are regularly involved in many different projects ranging from website design and maintenance through to blog design and setup or eCommerce projects.
  • Content Management System - You may have spoken with or know people who use a Content Management System (CMS) and be wondering exactly what the advantages are? Simply put our CMS allows you to edit, update, create, delete and hide the pages of your website. This level of control place you firmly in the driving seat and reduces your need for external assistance, helping to lower your day-to-day overheads.The CMS allows you to create new areas to strengthen your web presence and build on your profile as an expert in your chosen area of business.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Simply put Search Engine Optimisation is the collective name for a list of actions and enhancements that can be applied to a website in order to help it to be found and listed more favourably by Search Engines e.g. Google , Yahoo or MSN. If you feel your website may not be performing as well as you would like, please speak to us regarding our Search Engine Optimisation package. We can prepare you a report that will highlight any areas that we feel could be improved, to aid your site being move favourably listed on Search Engines.
  • Social Media -These days many business and organisations are far more active in different ways online than simply using their site like an online company brochure. With the popularity of blogs, eBrochures and social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, the web is bursting with activity. Much of this activity can be and is used by businesses to engage their customers and potential customers. We can help you plan and design your Social Media strategy to help strengthen your online presence.
  • Low cost maintenance services - If you own or manage your website or blog, you will know how time consuming it can be to constantly update your website. Do you struggle to keep the content fresh and relevant to users ? Unlike a book whose content remains static throughout its life, a website's content can and needs to be updated and maintained to keep users visiting your website. We can also offer you Maintenance services, either on a Pay-as-you-go plan, or a Content Management System to allow you to quickly and easily update your website.
  •  Excellent deals for charitable organisations - We understand the vital role that charies and non-profit making organisations, or not-for-profit organisations play in our community and beyond. Therefore we are always happy to support them in providing the best deals and advice possible. We can help you to make your online services work better or more effectively for you.
  •  Advice and information about your website - We know that in our busy, fast paced technologically driven society things are always changing. New smart-phones are always being released in the ever growing war between the different companies. We don't expect our customers to possess up-to-the-minute expertise regrading all aspects of website optomisation or latest industry standards, best practice or current legislation. We can help by filling in the gaps in your knowledge and answering any questions you may have.

We know that our clients will have different requirements. Some will simply require a new page for their existing site. Other clients will require a brand new site. With the work load of managing a business in the fast moving world we find ourselves, we recognize that you will need an internet services partner who are reactive and value for money. We will always speak to you in plain English and in simple terms, to ensure that you understand the design process at all times.

Find out how Webs For Everyone, competent Aylesbury website designers can help you.Webs for Everyone is committed to helping everyone, so that includes you too ...


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